to Mars

Have you ever felt like the current way of doing things just doesn't cut it anymore? Professor Gaffer agrees, welcome to Mars.

Football. Owned by you.
Played on Mars.

It’s 2022 and Professor Gaffer is setting up a new football league on Mars. Why? Because the sale of his favourite football team to a disreputable new owner was one earthly disappointment too many.

Martian player 1
Martian player 2
Martian player 3
Martian player 4
Martian player 5


What would lead a well-respected scientist to build a transporter in his tool-shed and beam up 9,000 humans to start a new society on Mars? Maybe we will find out more soon...

The gaffer’s vision

Gaffer’s vision for this brave new world is for it to be owned by the people - and now he has the technology to make it happen. Are you ready to join him?

MPL badge
MPL poster

10,000 genesis

Our genesis characters are the basis of everything that happens on Mars: from our first MPL game to our comic to our top secret future plans.

player 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Player 5Player 6Player 7Player 8

Bootcamp has landed

Phase 1 of the MPL Game is here. Claim and customise your players, compete as one of four teams to win bonus $REDDIES, and train and earn to level up your players. Choose that kit wisely!

Claim image
Connect your wallet to claim your genesis characters and sign them up to the league.
Train image
Assign skill points and customise your players to get them match-fit and ready for action.
Earn image
Compete in a weekly training challenges to earn $REDDIES and upgrade your players on-chain.

The only shop on mars

From cat hats to fresh tracks, find everything you need to fit in on the red planet here.

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